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News Press Releases Gordon recommends filing of charges vs LTO officials

Gordon recommends filing of charges vs LTO officials

December 22, 2021 Press Releases
Gordon recommends filing of charges vs LTO officials

Senator Richard J. Gordon recommended the immediate filing of charges against some officials of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for their alleged failure to implement Republic Act (RA) 11235, or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act.

Gordon, who chairs the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, recommended multiple charges against LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, Executive Director Romeo Vera Cruz for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

“When the Executive fails to implement a law properly, or when it fails at all to implement what we have passed, the result is a situation where the Executive Department could just sneer at us, disrespect us, or worse show to the world how powerless we in the Senate or Congress can be,” he said in a privilege speech.

“That is completely unacceptable to us, especially since we, too, have been put here in place by voters of the entire country. Our mandate is no less strong, our role no less important than the others. But that, while personal to us, is not the only consequence,” he added.

Gordon's investigation revealed that Galvante violated RA 3019, or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, for inexcusable negligence in implementing the law.

Also recommended was the filing of charges for another violation in the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act against Galvante and Vera Cruz for allowing Trojan-Tonnejes to install a proprietary and closed system such as the Order Management System.

The system was found to be detrimental to future bidders through regulatory capture or acting in self-interest.

Gordon remarked that the government should first check whether laws are properly implemented, instead of impulsive legislation hampering other important measures.

“And, before we can even think of passing new laws to address the myriad problems our society faces, I submit that what we should prioritize is an honest- to- goodness review of laws, hindi lang ito, pero katulad ng election laws, yung mga tatakbo ulit, baguhin na natin yan,” he said. 

“O di kaya mga nilalabas natin sa Blue Ribbon Committee ulit, alisin na natin ulit yung mga pina-park ang pera ng gobyerno katulad ng PS-DBM at PITC, marami na tayong mababago para di naman maging paper tiger ang ating Senado at di tumayo ang ating Senate President para tawaging pansin ang Customs na hindi ini-implement ang batas kontra sa smuggling,” he added.

Gordon filed the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act as a way to deter riding-in-tandems as the law allows the easier identification of specific vehicles used in crimes through larger, legible, and more identifiable license plates.

He also lamented the delayed implementation of the law as there had been over 19,277 crimes committed by motorcycle-riding criminals from 2016 to Jan. 2021.

This year alone, a total of 202 individuals have been victimized by the riding-in-tandem, including 171 deaths and 28 injuries, while two escaped unharmed.