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17th Congress Summary

1st Regular Session July 25, 2016 — May 31, 2017 2nd Regular Session July 24,2017– June 1,2018 Total
Senate Bills 38 12 50
a. Authored 30 8 38
b. Co-Authored 8 4 12
c. Sponsored 5 3 8
d. Co-Sponsored 1
Resolutions 34 15 49
a. Authored 15 8 23
b. Co-Authored 19 7 26
c. Sponsored 5 2 7
d. Co-Sponsored 1 0 1

*As of February 6, 2018

Data on Bills and Resolution

Republic Acts

Republic Act No. 10928

Philippine Passport Act

Republic Act No. 10930

Extending the Validity Period of Drivers Licenses to 5 Years

Republic Act No. 10931

Free Higher Education for All Act

Republic Act No. 10952

Barangay and SK Elections Postponement

Republic Act No. 10963

TaxReform Acceleration and Inclusion (Package 1)

Republic Act No. 10969

Free Irrigation Service to Small Farmers
Senate Bills Authored

Senate Bill No. 1664

The First Philippine Republic Day

Senate Bill No. 1627

Lake Lanao Development Authority

Senate Bill No. 1626

Office of Solicitor General Charter

Senate Bill No. 1625

Retirement Law of the Office of the Ombudsman

Senate Bill No. 1612

Transfer of the New Bilibid Prison

Senate Bill No. 1563

Body Camera and Dashboard Camera for Law Enforcement Officers Act of 2017

Senate Bill No. 1552

Postponing the October 2017 Barangay & Sangguniang Kabataan Elections

Senate Bill No. 1510

Filipino Identification System Act

Senate Bill No. 1452

Community Service Act of 2017

Senate Bill No. 1419

Free irrigation Service and Condonation Act of 2017

Senate Bill No. 1418

Volunteer Protecion Act of 2017

Senate Bill No. 1417

Citizen Service Act of 2017

Senate Bill No. 1416

Good Samaritan Act of 2017

Senate Bill No. 1415

Whistleblower Protection Act of2017

Senate Bill No. 1397

Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017

Senate Bill No. 1325

Regional Investment and Infrastructure Corporation of Central Luzon

Senate Bill No. 1275

Strengthening the ISA Act of 2016

Senate Bill No. 1274

Police Court Act of 2016

Senate Bill No. 1273

Granting Philippine Citizenship to Bruce Donald Mctavish

Senate Bill No. 1272

German European School Manila, Inc.

Senate Bill No. 1261

Amending the Public Service Act

Senate Bill No. 1256

Anti-Money Laundering Act

Senate Bill No. 1198

Amending RA 8282 (Social Security System)

Senate Bill No. 1192

The Veterans Memorial Medical Center Charter of 2016

Senate Bill No. 1134

National Emergency Against Drugs and Terrorism Act

Senate Bill No. 970

Voluntary Blood Donation

Senate Bill No. 941

Extending the Validity Period of Driver’s License From 3 Years to 5 Years

Senate Bill No. 109

Extending the Validity of Philippine Passport to 10 Years

Senate Bill No. 108

Lapu-Lapu Day or Adlaw ni Lapu-Lapu

Senate Bill No. 107

Estate Tax Repeal Act

Senate Bill No. 106

The Willful Failure to Pay Child Support

Senate Bill No. 105

Sim Card Registration Act

Senate Bill No. 104

Blood Identification Act

Senate Bill No. 103

Mindanao Railway Act

Senate Bill No. 102

Philippine Flag 9th Ray to Symbolize the Community of Muslim Leaders

Senate Bill No. 101

Agricultural Free Patent Reform Act

Senate Bill No. 100

Act Amending RA 9369, Automated Election System
Senate Resolutions Authored

Senate Resolution No. 585

Honoring Jose Pitoy Moreno

Senate Resolution No. 569

Honoring the late Justice Flerida Ruth P. Romero

Senate Resolution No. 529

Mr. John Solano’s Testimony to make public

Senate Resolution No. 518

Condemning the Extrajudicial Killings

Senate Resolution No. 515

Congratulating and Commending the Senate Advocates

Senate Resolution No. 501

Commission on Higher Education Ordering the Closure of several external study centers of the Bukidnon State University

Senate Resolution No. 471

Kian Loyd Delos Santos

Senate Resolution No. 425

P6.4 Billion worth of Shabu Shipment from China

Senate Resolution No. 388

Supporting the Proclamation No. 216 (Declaring a State of Martial Law)

Senate Resolution No. 374

Malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance of the Commission on Elections

Senate Resolution No. 349

Full Support of the Senate to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons

Senate Resolution No. 321

Condolences on the Death of Dr. Dreyfuss Perlas

Senate Resolution No. 307

Condolences on the Death of Former Representative Datumanong

Senate Resolution No. 305

Electing Senator Ralph G. Recto as Senate President Pro Tempore

Senate Resolution No. 285

Domestic Sugar Industry

Senate Resolution No. 255

Recognizing Supreme Court Justice Arturo D. Brion

Senate Resolution No. 254

Recognizing Supreme Court Associate Jose P. Perez

Senate Resolution No. 226

Drug-Related Killings by the PNP

Senate Resolution No. 113

Tourism Act (TIEZA)

Senate Resolution No. 11

Contractualization of Workers

Senate Resolution No. 4

Telecommunications Competition

Senate Joint Resolution No. 5

Increasing the Monthly Pension of the SSS Pensioners

Senate Joint Resolution No. 1

Constitutional Amendments